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 Loyalty Hosting provides an extremely valuable service in offer hosting from 5 of our locations throughout the world, as websites & website design. But in some cases, people can't always afford a designer, or a website was already designed in the flavor of the website owner.

In either of these cases, we also provide website templates, PHP scripts, WordPress themes, and templates and themes for any other platform. You can find a list of those below, along with the themes provided by our designers at Loyalty Hosting.

Loyalty Hosting Themes



Shape Bootstrap Themes

More link will be provided, as we partner with other companies to provide you with the best themes & templates available online.

Please remember that when becoming a client of Loyalty Hosting, we also provide you with hundreds or thousands of themes through the various platforms offered through the 1-Click 40+ Scripts Installer.

Much more, if you are a designer of websites, PHP scripts, WordPress themes & plugins, Joomla templates, or any other platform, Loyalty Hosting Themes offers you an amazing opportunity to earn a great income selling your themes and templates in our online marketplace.