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Website & Email Logins At Loyalty Hosting

When signing up for Loyalty Hosting, you'll be directed to login through our Hespia control panel at You can also login at as well.


The above are two great ways of logging in to edit your website, hosting, & email information, as well as design your website & create subdomains and subfolders. All of our packages comes with unlimited subdomains & subfolders within the allotted number of domains your account has. These are only available to hosted websites, not just registered ones.


Our email servers can be accessed at This is not where you create your email addresses, but you may edit the info, password & read emails here.


You create your emails & can also edit the passwords, as well as the quota of space given to that email address (this is for purposes of creating an email address for an employee or associate of your company, per se), by logging into the control panel at and going to the Email tab & clicking on Mailboxes. On the right, you'll see a list of other options, one being Create a New Email Account. Click on that, and follow the few steps necessary to create a new email address. Everything can be edited later, or you may delete & recreate email addresses at anytime, remembering that you only get 100 email addresses on our Basic plan, but Unlimited Email Accounts on every other plan we offer.


I hope this helps guide you to the necessary login pages for both our webhosting control panel as well as access to your email accounts. We'll be creating a free manual that will be linked from our main page to show you where to go for all of our other services, including these two access points.


Thanks for choosing Loyalty Hosting, and if you haven't, that's okay, I hope you are finding the strategies & tips we place here helpful when designing your websites & creating email campaigns.


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Here's to your success,


James R. Henry



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