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Two Amazing Affiliate Platforms, Either Self-Hosted Or In The Cloud

I'd like to start off by saying that having a team of sales people promoting your products & services will 10x the growth of your business.
"I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own efforts." ~ John D. Rockefeller
While the above quote is often attributed to J. Paul Ghetty, I really believe he got it from John D. Rockefeller, though of the two, I prefer J. Paul Ghetty as an instrumental force to really learn from. Both men were amazing entrepreneurs, however, & one should learn from the both of them.


But while I went a little off course,my point is very simple: Hire others and pay them to bring you business.


There is no better way to do this then through an affiliate program with extra rewards for bringing you sales.


HenryTek & Loyalty Hosting are affiliates of some of the greatest leaders in sales and Network Marketing: Grant Cardone & Robert Hollis. We are also affiliated with a number of other great services,many of which are in our Other Services tab above.


Affiliate marketing is basically using OPE (other people's efforts) & OPT (other people's time). You are only given 24 hours in a single day, not a second more. But if you add an affiliate, you now have that extra time that is being used to promote your brand...and they earn money, points, tokens, discounts, or whatever you choose, even more than one method of payment for their services. This is affiliate marketing.


While this is focused more on those who own businesses,if you are looking for an Affiliate program to join, definitely check out JVZoo & WarriorPlus.


But for business owners who'd like to run their own affiliate programs and pay affiliates to promote their procucts and services, we recommend two amazing platforms for that purpose.


These two platforms offer either self-hosted or cloud-based solutions. Cloud-based is hosted on their dedicated servers rather than either a dedicated server, VPS (Virtual Private Server), semi-dedicated server, or shared hosting plan with a hosting provider, such as Loyalty Hosting.


Post Affiliate Pro For the longest time we've recommended businesses to use Post affiliate Pro. This has been our fav for a number of years, and still is one of the greatest platforms available for businesses to launch an affiliate program. Post Affiliate Pro has never let us down.


They offer a cloud-based solution for as low as $97 per month. This is their hosted solution where they take care of everything, almost, for you. It does limit one incredible feature, however, and that's to create a subdomain replicated website, such as Some businesses like this feature & it makes the site look much cleaner.


So you could opt for the self-hosted solution which is a one-time payment starting at $890. You would require your own website & hosting for this, but you should have your own website anyways, with a shopping cart, or products and/or services listed.


Post affiliate Pro also offers a 14 day trial so you could test drive their hosted version of their affiliate platform. Connect it & gain affiliates for 2 weeks & see if this is the right platform for you.


iDevAffiliate Another great affiliate platform is iDevAffiliate.


Similar to Post Affiliate Pro, they also offer both a self-hosted (owned) or cloud-based (hosted) solution. iDevAffiliate is much cheaper, though, for all of their services.


Their self-hosted (owned) version starts at only $199. And their cloud-based (hosted) version starts at only $39 per month.


One of the things we at HenrYTek & Loyalty Hosting help businesses do is to scale your business without breaking the bank.


As an example, one of our services is Monster Responder. Our aim was to build an autoresponder program that was capable of delivering unlimited emails to an unlimited number of subscribers. While this isn't an impossible task, the cost associated would have driven our prices higher, especially since some marketers recommend emailing subscribers 6 times, or more, per day. Estimate this per month and that would've been at least 180 emails per subscriber permonth, or 2,160 emails per subscriber per year.


Just imagine a small business with only 1,000 subscribers. That would've been 18,000 emails per month (216,000 emails per year), per client we have on the system.


So we worked on a system where we can offer clients unlimited emails but are limiting the subscribers by how much each client pays per month, starting at FREE for up to 1,000 subscribers.


This allows our autoresponder program, Monster Responder, to help businesses scale without breaking the bank.


The same could be said of Loyalty Hosting, HenryTek Cloud, or any other service provided by HenryTek.


Our aim is to help businesses scale, and that's why when we found iDevAffiliate, we knew we could do just that.


At only $39 per month, your business can start adding affiliates as soon as today. And when you are ready, you could opt for the self-hosted version at just $199, and brand yourself & your business, the way HenryTek helps you to do, & recommends you do just that!


But if you haven't already done so, get yourself a website with a shopping cart, & start adding products and/or services to your site immediately so you could start building your dream business, and get brand ambassadors to promote it for you, and help you and your brand go viral.


Here's to your success,


James R. Henry
HenryTek & Loyalty Hosting


PS.Please be sure to like, share, and comment below and tell us what you think,or if you've found another solution for affiliate platforms that businesses would enjoy. (No linking to your affiliate program below of which we've discussed in this post, however. It's ok to post your link to an alternative solution for affiliate marketing. No links of anything that does not refer to an alternative solution either.)



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