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Some Amazing Android Video Editors


There are a few good programs that allow you to edit video footage on your smartphone or mobile device. Before I speak about these apps, I do need you to understand that they will never be as good as recording a video or editing the video from an alternate device. You computer's operating powers gives it the ability to perform much harsher tasks than a smartphone, as a smartphone's processor and RAM is not as much as a computer. As much as a smartphone's camera is becoming better, the processing power of a smartphone cannot give it the crisper look of an actual camera. Both of these are much better than that of a smartphone, but if just recording for the web or social media presence, a smartphone is good enough for such a small and quicker task.



So with that said, here are a few I do recommend:


1. Wondershare's FimoraGo


I personally have this one installed on my phone, just in case. I'll admit, however, that when editing videos I personally use my computer programs for those jobs, so I don't use this much. But as was testing it, I notice it gives some amazing templates to use, including animations. It even includes the option to edit square videos for Instagram.



2. ActionDirector


ActionDirector is a very popular video editor for the PC. It's also available on the Android.



3. Adobe Premier Clip


Now, we all know about the power & popularity of Adobe Premier, & how much it cost to use on the PC, but their Android version is absolutely free.



4. Funimate


This is a pretty "fun" app to use. It's not so much something you'd use for a serious video, but it bills itself as being a great app to make music videos or simple videos out of the stuff you already have on your mobile device.



Now, while we could go on & on about every video app that exists on the Google Play Marketplace, I won't, as I've already spoke of at least two that I believe is more powerful than all the rest: FilmoraGo & Adobe Premier Clip. Try these, and if you would like some more, we can always get you a list of the ones we recommend.


James R. Henry worked, and continues to work, as a Hollywood actor & cinematographer. He's been filming & acting since he was at least 16 years old.



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