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Launching Your Affiliate Program

While we do offer our own affiliate program on various parts of our company & those of HenryTek, we also recommend both self-hosted & cloud affiliate platforms to use as well.

Our favorite, however, will always be a self-hosted platform.

When opening an ecommerce store, as an example, there is a built-in affiliate platform for OpenCart, PrestaShop, Zen Cart, or Magento. But when promoting a site,or some products you have created that's not offered in these ecommerce self-hosted stores, or a service you provide, you could opt for an affiliate platform that works to your satisfaction.

Some of these platforms even include a built-in or plugin/add-on for a matrix, Network Marketing, or MLM program you would like to offer. My fav being the first of the below three that I will be recommending at this moment.

While the first two offer self-hosted solutions, they all offer a cloud-based solution. Self-hosted is when the platform is hosted on a webserver you are paying for, such as or A cloud-based solution is where the platform is used by you but hosted on the platform's actual site. You could purchase a domain to use with them, use a CNAME (in some instances), or just use the free domain that comes with the cloud service, which would be similar to

Either the self-hosted or cloud based solution works fine, but you have total control with a self-hosted decision. The only problem is that you would have to deal with all upgrades in the future, or hire a programmer to do this. Cloud-based are automatically upgraded by the platform's team of expert programmers.

Okay, so what are the three amazing platforms we recommend? Great question!

1.) I've always liked PostAffiliatePro. We've used them on our domains & they've always stood the test. They include a matrix system out-of-the-box...which means it's ready when you install the platform.

2.) iDevAffiliate is another popular platform. This also includes a matrix system where you can have an unlimited width and unlimited depth commission structure.


They also include built-in support for WordPress. Some of these platforms include:

• WooCommerce
• Paid Memberships Pro
• MarketPress
• OptimizePress
• S2 Member
• Gravity Forms
• Wishlist Member
• ...more than 30 WordPress plugins!

3.) Tapfiliate is my third choice. While they do NOT offer a self-hosted choice, they are a pretty good choice as a cloud-based solution.

Loyalty Hosting and HenryTek are proud to be partnered with the above three platforms and recommend them to you so that we can help you grow your business. Remember that each of the above three have their pros and cons, and be sure to read the features and benefits for yourselves before making the decision to move forward with them.



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