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FREE Internet Marketing Tutorials

Learn Everything About Internet Marketing

I'm so glad you decided to check these amazing videos out.


Internet Marketing is at the top of a long list of ways to earn a great residual income. And, of course, without a website from sites like Loyalty Hosting, it's nearly impossible to succeed in the Internet Marketing niches. Yes, there are many niches when it comes to Internet Marketing.


When deciding to build a website, one of the key things you need is a lead capture page, similar to the one at www.jamesrhenry.pro/8free. There, we are giving away 8 free ebooks on Internet Marketing. We also add an OTO (One-Time Offer) page there as well as a couple of recommendations. This is showing you a small funnel, one that Internet Marketers know to be highly successful in building a list of qualified leads. A qualified lead is someone who shows an interest in something in particular, like Internet Marketing.


Well, let's take a look at the videos below. Watch them in order, or watch the ones you prefer. They are all listed on this one blog post. Thanks again for your interest.


All videos below were created by one of my favorite Internet Marketers, Francis Ochoco.


Video 1: How to create your own info product from public domain works


Video 2: How to link directly to a Clickbank checkout page


Video 3: How to use Open Office and free templates to enhance your projects


Video 4: How to use WordPress data to populate regular web pages


Video 5: How to create a PDF document online


Video 6: How to create free Google webspace


Video 7: How to hide your download page (or any page) from the search engines


Video 8: How to find long tail keywords


Video 9: How to create a screen capture video from within Firefox using free software


Video 10: How to set up an autoresponse email


Video 11: How to find niches using Google Trends


Video 12: How to use Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3)


Video 13: How to create an auto-play dvd with menus using free software


Video 14: How to create your own banners using paint.net


Video 15: How to create a dvd that plays in a dvd player from avi/wmv files


Video 16: How to download videos from file sharing sites (Youtube, Google Video, etc.)


Video 17: How to add audio to your site with player controls


Video 18: How to watermark an image


Video 19: How to create a "Live Help" site


Video 20: How to create a Paypal custom payment page


Video 21: How to brand your videos with Windows Movie Maker


Video 22: How to create re-directs to hide your affiliate links


Video 23: A set of social marketing videos

1st Social Media Video: StumleUpon


2nd Social Media Video: Yahoo Answers


3rd Social Media Video: Bebo.com


Video 24: How to set up a domain name and hosting
(Loyalty Hosting also offers domain names & hosting plans. Check out our packages, which all come with a free .com website)


Video 25: How to create a 404 redirect and make money from it


Video 26: How to create a secure download area


Video 27: How to upload files to your hosting account
(Loyalty Hosting has a different way of uploading files. We use the drag-and-drop Hespia control panel)


Video 28: How to create a Paypal buy now button


Video 29: How to embed video on your website


Video 30: How to set up a simple help desk


Video 31: How to set up a forum

Part 1:


Part 2:



Video 32: How to create a squeeze page




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