When you have a shared hosting account, the provider handles maintenances, updates and backups, but this is not the case with virtual and dedicated hosting servers. If you need an independent machine because a shared package deal doesn't provide enough system resources to support your web apps or you just require specific custom software to be running on the web server and it is not present within the shared one, you may not have much choice in regards to what sort of web hosting you can use. While this won't be an issue in the event that you have practical knowledge, you may encounter issues in the event that you've never had a web server of your own. That's the main reason why we offer a Managed Services upgrade which you'll be able to add to your server package whenever you want. It includes a variety of things like weekly backups, Operating System updates and installation of third-party apps, so you won't have to spend time and efforts on this type of matters.
Managed Services Package in VPS Servers
When you opt to sign up for one of our VPS servers packages, you could include the Managed Services upgrade either throughout the order process or anytime later on from your billing Control Panel and renew it for so long as you require it along with the VPS monthly payments. If that upgrade is active for your plan, we shall keep weekly backups the entire content which you have on the machine, so in case anything goes wrong after some update, for instance, we can restore the VPS they way it was. Our staff will also keep track of the hosting server always and if a problem appears, they will fix it or will reboot the hosting server. The upgrade comes with thirty minutes of custom work, which is sufficient for the majority of tasks - installing and troubleshooting third-party application you want to use or which doesn't work properly. Additionally, we will also keep your Operating System up-to-date to ensure that your machine remains risk-free and stable all the time.
Managed Services Package in Dedicated Servers
If you include this upgrade to any of the dedicated servers which we offer, you shall be be able to use the most potent type of web hosting even when you have no preceding practical experience as our admins can assist you with virtually any task. You can do this when you sign up or through your billing area later and you'll be able to determine if you shall keep the upgrade constantly or if you will add it just when you require it. The Managed Services pack features 50 Gigabytes of backup space on an individual server, so we can restore your data if something breaks down after a software update, one example is. Our administrators will update the Operating System you have selected for the machine, so you shall have stable and secure software environment at all times. They shall also monitor the server 24/7 and reboot it if required. Last, but not least, they can aid you to set up or troubleshoot any program from a third-party vendor in case you experience any difficulties, so you can get skilled help and a speedy resolution as an alternative to wasting time and efforts yourself.