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2:14 am

The Simplest Way To Add A Responsive Image

By now,many of us are aware that responsive simply means it will be shown on every device in a clean way. That is to say the image will appear actually on the screen rather than partly on & partly off the screen.   Most images at Loyalty Hosting will appear across every device nicely, and we'll show you how this is done below.   There are a couple ways to pull this off, one by[continue...]

3:38 am

Some Amazing Android Video Editors

  There are a few good programs that allow you to edit video footage on your smartphone or mobile device. Before I speak about these apps, I do need you to understand that they will never be as good as recording a video or editing the video from an alternate device. You computer's operating powers gives it the ability to perform much harsher tasks than a smartphone, as a smartphone's processor and RAM is not[continue...]

11:02 pm

Plan Your Vacation With HenryTek Travel, Our Sister Company!

Check Out Our Always Low Prices & Best Service... Our parent company, HenryTek, is now in the travel business. You see, when it comes to technology, we work on solving everyone's problem by placing technological advances right here at HenryTek. And Loyalty Hosting is no exception, as we offer the lowest rates for websites & hosting available online, as well as fast speeds. But with HenryTek Travel, we decided to take the prices to your[continue...]

12:46 am

Your FB Post + PostViral + Comments = Viral Commissions

Hi, This new software update is FREAKING AMAZING, you can literally drop your link, offer or opportunity inside FB Messenger. Anyone who comments will receive an "Auto-Reply" directly in their Facebook Messenger with YOUR promotion, offer, link or whatever you want! => click here to swoop up instant access now I've never seen anything like this before, it almost forces your posts to go viral with like, comments and shares that generate a mass effect.[continue...]

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Start The New Year Off Right With Your Very Own .com Website!

Start The New Year Off Right With Your Very Own .com Website! Includes a 30-Day Free Trial! Visit today!