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Some Amazing Android Video Editors

Posted by James R. Henry on February 12, 2018

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  There are a few good programs that allow you to edit video footage on your smartphone or mobile device. Before I speak about these apps, I do need you to understand that they will never be as good as recording a video or editing the video from an alternate device. You computer's operating powers gives it the ability to perform much harsher tasks than a smartphone, as a smartphone's processor and RAM is not

Launching Your Affiliate Program

Posted by James R. Henry on February 3, 2018

While we do offer our own affiliate program on various parts of our company & those of HenryTek, we also recommend both self-hosted & cloud affiliate platforms to use as well. Our favorite, however, will always be a self-hosted platform. When opening an ecommerce store, as an example, there is a built-in affiliate platform for OpenCart, PrestaShop, Zen Cart, or Magento. But when promoting a site,or some products you have created that's not offered in

Ruby On Rails

Posted by James R. Henry on February 2, 2018

Category: Website Scripts
How to install Ruby on Rails through the Supervisor (tutorial) Just a few days ago, we introduced a new dev-targeted tool - the Supervisor, which is located in the Advanced section of the Web Hosting Control Panel. In our post we showed you how to run a chat server over the WebSocket protocol using the Supervisor. Now we’ll present to you another useful application of the tool - the option to install Ruby on Rails
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