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I really have two objectives here:   1.) To show you how to set up SSL for your site.   2.) To show you how to force your site from HTTP to HTTPS.   At Loyalty Hosting, it is very simple to do this with one-click. If you are using a different hosting provider, it should be similar, maybe with some slight differences.   To create a SSL at Loyalty Hosting, you simply do one
We at Loyalty Hosting are always looking for great programs, both free and paid, that allow you to 10X your business growth & always focus on expansion & promotion. To properly expand your business, you must have as many people as possible see your brand.   We all know of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others, simply because they are always promoting online & offline, and getting as many people to see them
When signing up for Loyalty Hosting, you'll be directed to login through our Hespia control panel at cloudlogin.co. You can also login at LoyaltyHosting.com as well.   The above are two great ways of logging in to edit your website, hosting, & email information, as well as design your website & create subdomains and subfolders. All of our packages comes with unlimited subdomains & subfolders within the allotted number of domains your account has. These
By now,many of us are aware that responsive simply means it will be shown on every device in a clean way. That is to say the image will appear actually on the screen rather than partly on & partly off the screen.   Most images at Loyalty Hosting will appear across every device nicely, and we'll show you how this is done below.   There are a couple ways to pull this off, one by
I'd like to start off by saying that having a team of sales people promoting your products & services will 10x the growth of your business. "I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own efforts." ~ John D. Rockefeller While the above quote is often attributed to J. Paul Ghetty, I really believe he got it from John D. Rockefeller, though of the two, I prefer J. Paul