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Archive for: February, 2018

3:38 am

Some Amazing Android Video Editors

  There are a few good programs that allow you to edit video footage on your smartphone or mobile device. Before I speak about these apps, I do need you to understand that they will never be as good as recording a video or editing the video from an alternate device. You computer's operating powers gives it the ability to perform much harsher tasks than a smartphone, as a smartphone's processor and RAM is not[continue...]

12:17 am

Launching Your Affiliate Program

While we do offer our own affiliate program on various parts of our company & those of HenryTek, we also recommend both self-hosted & cloud affiliate platforms to use as well. Our favorite, however, will always be a self-hosted platform. When opening an ecommerce store, as an example, there is a built-in affiliate platform for OpenCart, PrestaShop, Zen Cart, or Magento. But when promoting a site,or some products you have created that's not offered in[continue...]

7:22 pm

Ruby On Rails

How to install Ruby on Rails through the Supervisor (tutorial) Just a few days ago, we introduced a new dev-targeted tool - the Supervisor, which is located in the Advanced section of the Web Hosting Control Panel. In our post we showed you how to run a chat server over the WebSocket protocol using the Supervisor. Now we’ll present to you another useful application of the tool - the option to install Ruby on Rails[continue...]